My husband has been “under-employed” for the past 10 years or so

He has his MBA and lots of experience, but is working at a job that is pretty entry level. Well, he just got a huge job offer! Great news, except it’s in Virginia (we’re in Michigan), and it is a contractor position.

So, we’re currently looking at him moving to Virginia and living in a cheap (well, as cheap as northern virginia gets) rental while my daughter and I live here in Michigan – until we figure out our future (our our future is figured out for us, that is!) He would still base himself here in terms of permanent address, physicians, etc. My husband has major health issues, so lower standard health insurance is not an option, but turning down this offer, is not an option either payday loans for bad credit. So – he plans to fly home once or twice a month, and we’re re-evaluate every couple of months and eventually either I’ll end up there, or he’ll end up back here — hopefully in a much better job than the one he is leaving! Bummer is the new job isn’t able to offer very flexible hours (we were hoping for 4 days a week so he could have long weekends with us) – but I keep reminding myself – this is temporary!

We’re excited, sad and terrified all at the same time. This would be a relatively simple decision if it weren’t for my 3 year old – the thought of us not being a “normal” family just breaks my heart – but we know this is extremely temporary and that she won’t remember a thing! It will probably be roughest on my husband, for sure, but we don’t see any other option for us at this point.

Guess we will be living like no one else! (ok, not really, because there are others living this way)