I understand some people wanting

certain things off limits during certain times of the year. I am that way about Christmas music. It can be played only after Thanksgiving lunch through Christmas day.

Most of my designs have nothing to do with sports. I have plenty of designs that are ‘neutral’ and not tied to a season, theme, or sports. I have some that are not really feminine or masculine so they work well in offices, studies, etc. and are perfect when the wife is trying not to be too fru-fru. I just have never heard of anyone wanting plain undecorated coasters—basically blank tiles with felt on the bottom. In over a year at craft shows and a website, it has never been requested. I guess there is a first time for everything.

I did decide to do it. She is at work so I emailed her to let her know. I also told her that my business stamp will be on the bottom. I am also charging regular price since she needs it by week’s end and I am working on other orders. If she balks, that is fine. If not … I’ll take her $$ and it will be the easiest job EVER.