Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki’s website is “” so I guess there’d be some sort of email contact point there.
BTW, his latest product is a book/tape set all about how MLM teaches you business skills “even if you never make money at it”!!! (smile) AND having heard the tape, about every 10 minutes during the 1 hour or so interview with him on it, he’s plugging one or another of Nightingale-Conant’s tape “self improvement” sets, so the whole thing becomes a commercial for those tapes. In other words, Kiyosaki’s found the ultimate AMO system–be a tape-seller without having an MLM to go with it! :)))

The point is this:

(or at least mine–hate to speak for others here at pain of having my rhetorical head handed back to me–smile) is this:
The reason
why The AmQuixMelaEquiTrek type folks promote events, trainings, tapes, etc. etc. so heavily is NOT because they know no other way or haven’t been trained “right” or because there’s no other way to do those businesses:
The reason is because the fatcats in those companies and others LIVE OFF THAT INCOME. In short, they have ZERO actual core believe in their company and business and products as real fortune-building enterprises–but they know that selling things to the people who DO is big business in and of itself.

short, they aren’t in “the business” whichever company it is–they are in the business of BEING in the business and of SELLING things to those who are.

Check me out on this, Ruth & Co, but thats the bottom line, isn’t it?