Robert Kiyosaki

Kiyosaki’s website is “” so I guess there’d be some sort of email contact point there.
BTW, his latest product is a book/tape set all about how MLM teaches you business skills “even if you never make money at it”!!! (smile) AND having heard the tape, about every 10 minutes during the 1 hour or so interview with him on it, he’s plugging one or another of Nightingale-Conant’s tape “self improvement” sets, so the whole thing becomes a commercial for those tapes. In other words, Kiyosaki’s found the ultimate AMO system–be a tape-seller without having an MLM to go with it! :)))

The point is this:

(or at least mine–hate to speak for others here at pain of having my rhetorical head handed back to me–smile) is this:
The reason
why The AmQuixMelaEquiTrek type folks promote events, trainings, tapes, etc. etc. so heavily is NOT because they know no other way or haven’t been trained “right” or because there’s no other way to do those businesses:
The reason is because the fatcats in those companies and others LIVE OFF THAT INCOME. In short, they have ZERO actual core believe in their company and business and products as real fortune-building enterprises–but they know that selling things to the people who DO is big business in and of itself.

short, they aren’t in “the business” whichever company it is–they are in the business of BEING in the business and of SELLING things to those who are.

Check me out on this, Ruth & Co, but thats the bottom line, isn’t it?


My husband has been “under-employed” for the past 10 years or so

He has his MBA and lots of experience, but is working at a job that is pretty entry level. Well, he just got a huge job offer! Great news, except it’s in Virginia (we’re in Michigan), and it is a contractor position.

So, we’re currently looking at him moving to Virginia and living in a cheap (well, as cheap as northern virginia gets) rental while my daughter and I live here in Michigan – until we figure out our future (our our future is figured out for us, that is!) He would still base himself here in terms of permanent address, physicians, etc. My husband has major health issues, so lower standard health insurance is not an option, but turning down this offer, is not an option either payday loans for bad credit. So – he plans to fly home once or twice a month, and we’re re-evaluate every couple of months and eventually either I’ll end up there, or he’ll end up back here — hopefully in a much better job than the one he is leaving! Bummer is the new job isn’t able to offer very flexible hours (we were hoping for 4 days a week so he could have long weekends with us) – but I keep reminding myself – this is temporary!

We’re excited, sad and terrified all at the same time. This would be a relatively simple decision if it weren’t for my 3 year old – the thought of us not being a “normal” family just breaks my heart – but we know this is extremely temporary and that she won’t remember a thing! It will probably be roughest on my husband, for sure, but we don’t see any other option for us at this point.

Guess we will be living like no one else! (ok, not really, because there are others living this way)

I understand some people wanting

certain things off limits during certain times of the year. I am that way about Christmas music. It can be played only after Thanksgiving lunch through Christmas day.

Most of my designs have nothing to do with sports. I have plenty of designs that are ‘neutral’ and not tied to a season, theme, or sports. I have some that are not really feminine or masculine so they work well in offices, studies, etc. and are perfect when the wife is trying not to be too fru-fru. I just have never heard of anyone wanting plain undecorated coasters—basically blank tiles with felt on the bottom. In over a year at craft shows and a website, it has never been requested. I guess there is a first time for everything.

I did decide to do it. She is at work so I emailed her to let her know. I also told her that my business stamp will be on the bottom. I am also charging regular price since she needs it by week’s end and I am working on other orders. If she balks, that is fine. If not … I’ll take her $$ and it will be the easiest job EVER.

I would do the request

I have the “plain” ones you are talking about and I love them. My DH made them some years ago and my nephew and niece wanted them. sometimes you don’t want the logos–she didn’t want them because she wanted no sports in the offseason. LOL

Our goal is to get rid of our remaining four cc balances between now and the end of September

What we call the “Little Chase” because it was the lower balance of the two Chase accounts with a balance of $7512.40, when we started using the snowball chart in June of 2012 (3 full years into the DR plan for us, so you can imagine how much higher it was in the beginning) Even at $214 payment a month with zero interest it has been a long road to get rid of it. But it is GONE forever.

I also applied $500 to our next bill in the snowball today. It is what is called the big BOA because in June of 2012 it was the higher of the two BOA with a balance of $7677.81 and even with making $250 a month payments on it the decent of the balance has been slow because we are paying interest on that account. If all goes to plan within 30 days the remaining $1300 on this account will be history as well. Wish us luck!.

Including today’s Chase pay off we have lowered our monthly minimum debt payments nearly $900 a month. It’s taken us five years to get here, but it sure is a good feeling to know that much is paid for in full and gone forever.

You all already know we paid off a big bill this last week

The Little Chase bill is gone forever and I did major damage to the BOA bill as well. I am getting better healthwise every day which is a huge bonus. Ds was notified he made an A in the class he took, which put him on the president’s honor roll. It also means the company is refunding him $325 for taking the class, even though it was an art class.

I figured out what was wrong with our “sick” cat and avoided a vet bill by treating her for snakebite myself, it only took us a day to find the fang marks and then once treated she started recovering swiftly.
Now that I am finally able to climb the stairs to my computer again I’ve started blogging again. The latest to go up was a business review about Basket by Linda Lou. She does wonderful baskets, and is a good friend as well. So it was a real pleasure to write the review. The link is below if you are interested.

I’ve pretty much completed typing for five blog posts on the WDW trip and will be uploading them with photos in the next couple of days. Then the race will be on for me to complete the other posts on the trip and making them interesting to everyone.

We had numerous things break on the trailer while traveling and dh has been working hard at getting them repaired as we are suppose to go back to Silver Dollar City soon with our annual pass and free camping it will be an enjoyable cheap long weekend.

I’ve been trying to get back into the groove of menu planning, but after eating out for nearly three weeks it has been hard. Dh and ds are having to do a lot of the cooking so I’ve had to keep the meals simple. Although I did try three new recipes. They were Ree Drummond’s Salisbury Meatballs and noodles, Knock you naked brownies and Paula Deen’s Ground Beef Goulash. They can all be found on their respective websites and all were good. Although on the meatballs I will cut the amount of brown mustard in half when I make them next time.

The only downer, other than Lizzie being snake bit, this week was our last remaining weed whacker refuses to start. The guys haven’t made it to the small engine repair shop yet, so I’m turning into a nag about the weeds. (especially since Lizzie got bit) I expect them to get some weed cutting device going real fast.